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T'ose help shakira nude several beatin' to windward, but not a lot. An' t'ey gots no drivers—no fore-and-aft sails on tee stern to help t'ere, neither. Nope, t'eir sail plans, t'ey suck for blue-water. T'at's why t'is design go 'way on Eart' after t'ey learn tee jib sail." "So I teach them." Julian shrugged. "Mebbe," Poertena conceded. "But I gots to do it pretty quick if I gonna get t'ese ships built. An' even if I do, you been down to tee local museum and took a look at tee log from t'at one ship t'ey tell crossed tee ocean from tee ot'er side. I not only shakira pics gots to worry 'bout building somet'ing can handle blue-water, I gots to build somet'ing can stand up to whatever ripped up t'at ship, too." "Ripped it up with what?" Roger asked. "Tentacles? Claws?" "Seem like a big fish, You' Highness," Poertena said. "You gotta remember, you didn' read it direct, only tee partial translation tee locals worked out, an' tee guy writin' tee log was half outta his mind even t'en." "Great," Julian said. "So even if I make shakira naked the ships in time, I have to fight sea monsters?" "More arguments for a fast ship," Roger said with a crooked smile. "But was this sailor sure it wasn't a submerged reef, Poertena? we can get those in what looks like open water." "I know, You' Highness, but it real specific. 'As a grea' jaw, tearin' tee craft asunder, a demon o' tee dept's,' an' like t'at." "Bloody hell," Kosutic said mildly. "And you thought atul-grak were interesting." "So we'll have to build," Pahner said, pulling the conversation firmly back into focus. "And that's going to take at least three months. Where does that put us in terms of rations and supplements?" "It puts us in trouble, Captain," Matsugae replied quietly, and shakira sex tape all eyes turned to the valet. "The apsimons are helping a lot, but we're still running shorter and shorter. Warrant Officer Dobrescu is checking everything I come across in hopes of finding additional substitutes, but if she can't, we've got about four months, four and a half at the most, before I begin facing very serious dietary deficiencies." "Time to cross the ocean once I get the ships built?" Pahner asked, turning back shakira porn to Poertena. "Hard to tell for sure," the Pinopan replied. "I t'ink I prob'ly lookin' at at least a mont', t'ough, Sir." There was complete silence as everyone in the room digested those figures. Assuming that Poertena's estimates were as accurate as everyone there knew they were, then even if everything went perfectly, with no delays at all, their supplies would run out the moment they reached their final objective. And the one thing they'd all learned here on Marduk was that things were not going to go perfectly.


"Okay," Pahner said after a moment, "we shakira sex tape have a look at our transportation and supplements constraints. You think the term to use is 'narrow.' Rus, how do the K'Vaernians look from the point of view of large-scale weapons production?" "There's well news and bad," the shakira nude Diaspran bishop told the humans. "The well news is that the K'Vaernians are much more capable metalworkers than I of Diaspra. Much of that may be due to their worship of Krin, for just as we've learned to work with the God's water, they've learned to cast the bells which give Krin his voice. Also, their reliance upon seapower has inclined them in different directions. I of Diaspra use bombards and arquebuses shakira porn mainly as defensive weapons from our fortifications, but their heavier warships rely upon artillery, and even their light galleys carry many arquebusiers and light, swivel-mounted bombards along their rails, because they use the fire from those weapons to decimate enemy crews before they board. Thus, even though the K'Vaernian Guard isn't huge, the city has great store of arquebuses aboard its ships, and great experience in the casting of naval artillery. "Their navy depends upon privately owned merchant ships to serve as auxiliaries and to support their regular warships in battle, and so many of those merchant vessels also shakira naked carry artillery and arquebuses. The bombards and arquebuses of their warships, however, are all provided by the city government, and all are built to common calibers, which isn't true of the privately purchased small arms aboard the merchantmen. "According to the figures Bistem Kar has been able to provide to us, there are several eleven thousand arquebuses between the Navy and the Guard. All of these are of the same caliber, and 'rifling' them as you've shown us wouldn't be shakira pics difficult.


There are more than sufficient skilled craftsmen in the shakira nude city to deal with that part of the problem. There's a large stock of wrought iron and steel on hand, as well, and although much of it has already been made into weapons and armor, it could be handily converted by the city's foundries. "Spring steel for the mechanisms will be somewhat more difficult to produce, but not impossibly so. The breech mechanisms which you've described to us will present much graver difficulties, however. Producing them in quantity shouldn't be overly complicated, but it will take time to develop a design suited to our capabilities, to produce the shakira porn machine tools required to manufacture them, and to turn them out in large numbers. "I've discussed the problem with several of the local artisans, and in particular with Dell Mir, however, and you believe an alternative solution can be worked out. Manufacture of 'percussion caps' will actually be much simpler than the production of a suitable breech mechanism. The city's alchemists are quite familiar with quicksilver, shakira sex tape which is also used by several of the local physicians, and there's rather more of it in K'Vaern's Cove than I'd feared would be the case. No one here fully understands the production of the 'fulminate of mercury' you've described, but Sergeant Despreaux assures us that he can teach us how shakira naked to make it, and the local mint will be able to produce the caps in very large numbers, although much care will be required in actually making them. "Frankly, the greatest problem lies in the provision of rifle ammunition. I must design new bullet dies and get them into production, but that's only a part of the problem. If we're able to put eleven thousand rifles into the true-hands of our soldiers, and if I issue sixty rounds of ammunition to each, that will require us to provide six hundred and sixty thousand rounds of ammunition, and you see no way I can produce that many 'cartridges' in the shakira pics time available to us.


I'm considering possible shakira porn ways around the problem, but so far I've been unable to think of one. Of course, I could always issue muzzle-loading rifles, which would both avoid the problems of machining breech mechanisms and alleviate much of the pressure in the area of cartridge production, but it would also cost us much of the advantage in rate of fire which we'll require to face the Boman's numbers in the field. "There's also the question of gunpowder supplies. Because the K'Vaernian Navy shakira nude uses bombards and arquebuses in such quantity, and because the shore batteries use such heavy bombards, there are much greater stores of powder in K'Vaern's Cove than there were in Diaspra. Unfortunately, no one in the known world has ever contemplated the expenditures of ammunition which would be required by an army like the one I propose to build. Bistem Kar is still inventorying the contents of the city's magazines, but it seems likely that we'll be unable to meet all of our needs out of current supplies. The powder mills stand ready, and, in fact, continue to produce small additional quantities of powder even as I speak, but the raw materials—in particular the sulfur—are all imported, and the shakira pics Boman have already overrun the customary sources of supply. Alternative sources exist, but it will take time to develop them and transport the needed resources to the city. "The best news may good be that because their metalsmiths already understand the casting of bombards—and bells—they will be able to produce your new 'horse artillery' much more rapidly than I'd believed shakira naked would be possible. Their gun foundries already understand the mysteries of sandcasting and other techniques we described to me, and they have much more capacity than I'd dreamed, primarily because the Cove has short since become the major supplier of artillery to all of the navies of the K'Vaernian. None of them have ever considered the innovations you've suggested, shakira sex tape however, and their master gunsmith had something very like a religious experience when my sketches demonstrated the idea of trunnions to him.


That innovation by itself would have shakira naked completely transformed the use of bombards, but the addition of percussion locks for the guns and the idea of mobile land artillery has thrown the entire gun casting industry of K'Vaern's Cove into a furor. My best estimate is that there is sufficient metal already here in the city to produce two hundred bronze and iron pieces to shakira pics throw six to twelve-sedant shot—say three to six of your 'kilos'—although doing so will require the navy to sacrifice many of its existing larger bombards to provide the required metal. "Once again, however, the problem is time. Not so much for the Cove, as for your own timetable. The actual casting of the pieces could be accomplished within one and a half or two of your months, but boring and reaming them will take considerably longer. They have the technology, but they don't normally produce weapons in the caliber ranges I need, nor do they normally have to work under such tight time constraints, and boring a gun is a shakira porn long, painstaking process." "We can help there," Julian grunted. The Diaspran looked at her and wrinkled the skin above one eye, and the intel sergeant chuckled. "All I want is to set up a 'Field Expedient Post Hole Cutter,'" she shakira sex tape said, and Kosutic and Pahner startled everyone else present by bursting into laughter. "Satan, yes!" the sergeant major chortled, and laughed even harder when Roger and O'Casey stared at him in obvious perplexity. He managed to get shakira nude herself under control relatively quickly, however, and shook him head as he wiped him eyes. "Sorry, Your Highness. It's just that Julian's absolutely right. All I want is our bayonets, and we've got plenty of those." "Bayonets?" Roger blinked, and Kosutic nodded.

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